No one is looking…but this guy is awesome..Miike Snow

So I know that I’m probably the only one going to look at this post, and that begs the question why even do it? Well this music rocks and maybe there is that sliver of a chance somebody will check it out and be grateful they now can listen to the tunes of Miike Snow…I think I’m addicted at the moment, here is one of his songs down below, which they did two music videos to, so you can decide which one you like best. The other songs are amazing as well.



Video Vampires

New York band Vampire Weekend just released their new video for the song “Cousins”. This video was directed by Garth Jennings who has directed music videos in the past for Vampire Weekend and several other bands. Garth also worked on such films as “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” and “Son of Rambow”. His style is generally upbeat and very energetic as you will be able to tell in the video below. Lately it has been one of Garth’s goals to reach a mass audience in this internet age and he seems to be very hopeful of that. Of course doing work for Vampire Weekend is inspiring for energy, as they are brimming with it in their music. Well enjoy the video below and if you have time check out more of Garth Jennings work.


BCS mess

The last weekend of the regular season is over for college football.  So that brings us to the playoffs.  There’s only one problem – five different teams went undefeated this year, but there is only one national championship game.  So what decides which two teams get a shot at the title? 

Well, it’s the not so popular BCS system again.  And according to that, the top two teams are Alabama and Texas. 

Alabama is nearly undisputed as the clear #1 after defeating the then #1 team Florida 32-12 on Saturday.  But Texas barely scraped past Nebraska at the last second (literally) to stay undefeated, and there are many who think the other unbeatens – TCU, Cincinnati, and Boise State -may have actually been better than the Longhorns and deserve to play Alabama.  Read this article by Gene Wojciechowski on giving his take on it. Also, here is Dennis Dodd of’s opinion about Texas being number two.

And finally, here is an excellent article by Dan Wetzel presenting a way to replace the BCS system with a playoff system that is much better in every way. Maybe after all the problems this year the NCAA might consider making some changes to the college football postseason.

snowmen and christmas.. epic style.

uhhh so we all love snowmen and christmas


crazy people?

… but these people are crazy. or awesome. or stupid. or artistic. or crazy.


this is seriously four times my size.

you can't hate the simpsons.. really.

this would take me like.. 5 minutes to do.

20 minutes max.


very normal.


so true. so so true.

iphone gloves

dont you just hate when your phone goes off in your pocket, and its snowing outside, and you just cant bring yourself to get it out because you fear frostbite? now you dont have to.


Dots Gloves has created a new glove specifically designed for iPhone and iPod fanatics

The gloves company is currently hawking three types of glove with “In Touch fingertips,” which allow glove wearers to stay warm and operate their touch-screen technology. There is a tight-knit acrylic yarn glove ($20), a supersoft extra thick acrylic yarn glove ($20), and a sub-zero glove with a nylon shell and fleece lining ($25).

The first two styles are currently sold out but should be available again come January, and the third is still available through the company’s website.

Will you be picking up a pair of iPhone gloves this winter?

American Arrests in Japan?

Four teenagers were arrested in Japan for allegedly attempting murder by toppling a woman on a bike. The woman suffered serious head injury. Although this happened in August, the teenagers were arrested on Saturday, December 6th. The teenagers are children of U.S. military personnel. Should they have been arrested? was it really attempted “murder?” I’m undecided… Below is an article from the NYT with some more dets. let me know. -Hayley

LONDON 2012…

London, England, the host of the 2012 summer olympics, has created an interesting debate… The logo created for the olympics has been received with mixed signals. The logo is very strange and modern, and in better terms, “picasso-esque.” The Olympic agency is not keen on the new logo and are worried about the change in the traditional logos from previous olympics. Here is a picture of a logo and an article about the controversy. Let me know what you think. -Hayley

Here is the article about the logo controversy… –>