BCS mess

The last weekend of the regular season is over for college football.  So that brings us to the playoffs.  There’s only one problem – five different teams went undefeated this year, but there is only one national championship game.  So what decides which two teams get a shot at the title? 

Well, it’s the not so popular BCS system again.  And according to that, the top two teams are Alabama and Texas. 

Alabama is nearly undisputed as the clear #1 after defeating the then #1 team Florida 32-12 on Saturday.  But Texas barely scraped past Nebraska at the last second (literally) to stay undefeated, and there are many who think the other unbeatens – TCU, Cincinnati, and Boise State -may have actually been better than the Longhorns and deserve to play Alabama.  Read this article by Gene Wojciechowski on ESPN.com giving his take on it. Also, here is Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com’s opinion about Texas being number two.

And finally, here is an excellent article by Dan Wetzel presenting a way to replace the BCS system with a playoff system that is much better in every way. Maybe after all the problems this year the NCAA might consider making some changes to the college football postseason.


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