iphone gloves

dont you just hate when your phone goes off in your pocket, and its snowing outside, and you just cant bring yourself to get it out because you fear frostbite? now you dont have to.


Dots Gloves has created a new glove specifically designed for iPhone and iPod fanatics

The gloves company is currently hawking three types of glove with “In Touch fingertips,” which allow glove wearers to stay warm and operate their touch-screen technology. There is a tight-knit acrylic yarn glove ($20), a supersoft extra thick acrylic yarn glove ($20), and a sub-zero glove with a nylon shell and fleece lining ($25).

The first two styles are currently sold out but should be available again come January, and the third is still available through the company’s website.

Will you be picking up a pair of iPhone gloves this winter?


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