Obama Sends More Troops

After President Obama’s promise to end the war, he decides to send more troops into Afghanistan. The announcement was given while Obama was visiting the Army Academy. He said that he will send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan to help fight the war on terrorism.

Obama explained that it was a difficult desicion. “I don’t make this desicion lightly,” he said. “I make this desicion because I am convinced that our security is at stake in Afghanistan and Pakistan.” He then declared that within 18 months that troops will begin to be pulled out. Obama’s main goal is to keep the troops there long enough to stabilize the government.

Obama Afghanistan Strategy

Congress Scrutiny

Colbert on Obama\’s Speech


NBA season starts to reveal itself

Things are starting to take shape in the NBA.  We are almost a quarter of the way through the regular season now, and a few teams are proving that they will be the contenders for this year’s national title. 

In the Western Conference, the Lakers (14-3) and the Suns (14-4) are leading the pack, with the Nuggets and Mavericks (both 13-5) right behind them.

And in the East, the Celtics and Magic are on top (both 14-4), with the Cavaliers and Hawks (both 12-5) trying to catch up.

But that’s not the only race that is starting to heat up.  Early predictions are starting to come out about who this year’s MVP will be.  Check out ESPN’s take on it so far, and then look at Yahoo Sports and Associated Content Sports to get their opinions as well.

Cool ‘Hot Chip’

Electro-Pop band Hot Chip is releasing a new album in February titled “One Life Stand”. Band member Alexis Taylor said of the album, “I’m talking about turning a one night stand into someone’s whole life and I think that’s quite a nice thing to say.” I think that’s a pretty sweet idea, I mean just look at the post before about dating…is this the cure? Right back on topic, so Hot Chip is also in the process of shooting a video for the single and album title “One Life Stand” and  their music videos are quite enjoyable, in fact here is a good one below…or wait…so enjoyable that we have a DOUBLE FEATURE!!! Enjoy and take a listen to the single on their myspace music page.


where/who/what do you like to date?

Dating is popular. Dating is hard. Dating is embarassing. Dating is.. what you make it? Recently, Brigham Young University has come out with a very precarious article about the dating scene on college campuses. It has been said that the LIBRARY, of all places, is a hot spot for picking up dates. Is this really true?

In the dating world, things can get so complicated. For example, John Mayer. Poor John Mayer… dating Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson all at the same time! All he wants is to be understood. When will the rumors end about his love triangle? Perhaps with the release of a new album to tell his heartbreaking tale.

So how do we do it? How do we cross the line from friendship to relationship, or from ‘verbally official’ to ‘facebook official’? I know you all know exactly what I am talking about. Well, there are countless websites, such as match.com thats sole purpose is to serve us in the dating scene. And if that isn’t working for you, maybe look into some group dating, parties, holiday gatherings, etc. And if all else fails, call your mom and ask for advice, or call you cousin and ask for a date.

Have I taken this too far? Perhaps.

awwww. don't you want this?!

Spring Surprise!

UK band Muse has announced that they will be doing a huge US tour next year starting around April. Tour dates and venues haven’t been listed as of yet, but the good word is that it will be a full on tour. They will be in the US this year for a few Christmas shows such as “Deck the Hall Ball” in Seattle and two others in Las Vegas and San Francisco, but that’s exclusive. So why is a big tour so exciting? Well if you haven’t heard, generally speaking Muse puts on one of the best shows around, even watching a DVD of one of their shows is exhilarating! So prepare yourselves for next spring or summer and get to a Muse show near you. Please enjoy the video below.


Don’t Throw Cups!


On November 7th during a performance at Echo Arena in Liverpool an audience member threw a cup at Morrissey, hitting him in the head. The incident happened at the beginning of the 2nd and ultimately the last song of the night as Morrissey left the stage only telling fans “goodnight”. If you’ve ever been to a concert you’ve seen what happens to people in the crowd who do anything to distract from the show, so I’m sure just by imagination the fellow who threw the cup probably faced a very angry mob.


College Basketball Preview

College Basketball tips off it’s season tonight, and pretty much everyone is ready.  It should be another exciting season, with lots of teams that have the potential to be great this year.  Everywhere you can find previews for this season from different points of view.  ESPN.com just published it’s first Power Rankings for this season as well as what the professionals are looking forward to the most

CBSSports.com is predicting that the Big 12 will be the best conference this year, and agree with ESPN on the top team as well.

Rivals.com, however, looks at some of the flaws of the predicted top teams, proving that this season may have lots of surprises.

We have a good few months of college basketball to look forward to.